SLSI ISO 22000;2005SLSI ISO 22000;2005

A certificate holder develops and maintains its food safety assurance programme based on the internationally accepted principles of ISO 22000 and SLS 1266. Both Schemes are accredited by RvA the Netherlands, which is one of the world renowned Accreditation Bodies. Thus the certificates issued under this scheme are recognized all over the world.


HACCP or ISO 22000 certificate awarded from the SLSI implies that chemical, physical and biological hazards encountered during production or processing of the food item, as applicable to the scope of certification are controlled to make the food safe for human consumption.

SLAB AccreditedSLAB Accredited

The Sri Lanka Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (SLAB) is the National Accreditation Authority for Sri Lanka established under the Act No. 32 of 2005. The Board functions as an autonomous body under the purview of the Ministry of Technology and Research. Strengthening of the Quality Infrastructure and conformity assessment procedures in Sri Lanka and enhancing the recognition and acceptance of products and services in international and domestic markets are the main objectives of SLAB activities.

GMP CertifiedGMP Certified

Areas Monitored under Establishment - Design, facilities, equipment and maintenance, Control of operations, Cleaning and sanitation, Personal hygiene, Transportation, Training, Product certification, Pest control, Waste management, Packaging and labelling etc.

MGMT SYS RvA c 155MGMT SYS RvA c 155

The Dutch council for accreditation. It was established to supervise and monitor organizations which judge quality systems and/or examine an organization on the basis of European and international standards and provide accreditation. The work of a certifying body is divided into three categories. Products, processes and services, Management systems (quality, environment, safety, etc.) and Persons.

ISO 14001: 2015 EMS CertificationISO 14001: 2015 EMS CertificationISO 14001: 2015 EMS Certification

Environmental policy Green Way Asia Lanka (Pvt) ltd the largest cashew processor and exporter in Sri Lanka with wide range of valued added high quality cashew products. Being an organization, which manufactures product natural origin, we are truly committed to protect our environment and contribute to regroup the nature. Over the 18 years using modern technology with approved standard procedures, innovative product series and superior customer service, we have conquered the Sri Lankan market and now aiming at developing overseas markets with our finest range of cashew products. We are committed to meet the compliance obligations related to environment as well as to continually improve the environmental performance with the utmost commitments and dedication of the top of management and all the employees. We shall develop a dedicated organization culture to archive the environmental objectives of our company by improving sustainable recourse use, minimizing waste and promoting ecofriendly packaging material which can minimize environment pollution.