Why is Royal Cashew Distinctive

You've been awarded for the packaging. How about cashew nuts products themselves? (Most people are extremely fond of prize-winning goods so it will be a big impact if any.)

We have been already awarded for,

“1st  Runner up-WINNER”

As you can see we have been awarded not only for packaging, but also regarding cashew production by our-self. its assure, all the raw material (shelled cashew nuts) that we are using for processing, taken from Sri Lankan farmers. And this proved, Every Cashew Nuts we produced under the Brand-Name of "Royal" in bulk form or in retail pack form have been processed under one roof"


Yes as you mentioned, we have been awarded "TWICE" for the packing. specially we had introduced environment friendly "Eco-Friendly Packs" and it'll help to approach target groups like tourists & Eco-tourism and even who are fond about the nature.


We are the largest cashew processor and exporter in Sri Lanka. And we are very proud to say that, we are the first company in Sri Lanka to obtain ISO standards for Cashew industry. By considering that,This  award was presented to Royal Cashews, for the contribution the company had made for the past 15 years, to the lower and middle income Farmers-groups of the country. And for the Company had maintain strong relationship with International export market during past period.  


We have been conferred by the LANKA STAR GOLD Award for CASHEW NUTS WITH ECO FRIENDLY KOLAPATH PACKS - OVAL, CASHEW NUTS WITH ECO FRIENDLY KOLAPATH PACKS  - SQUARE  at the "Lanka Star 2014" which have been instituted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging  aiming  at stimulating interest in improving packaging standards in Sri Lanka and recognize them in  Asia & in the World and reward for the best Packages. This Also provides opportunity to recognize Packages that have created innovative and enhanced value addition and enable to recognize the Excellence achieved by the Packaging businesses.

We were able to be awarded by the Lanka Star 14 PRESIDENT’s Trophy For the Cashew Nuts with ECO Friendly  PACKS which was obtained the highest marks from all Contester countries.

This Cashew Nuts with Eco Friendly Kolapath packs are Environmentally  Friendly and Biodegradable, Innovative Pack with a tray made from the sheath at the base of the Arecanut palm leaf ("KOLAPATH") and covered with a  biodegradable coated film with a protective barrier properties.


We have been awarded by ASIASTAR AWARD 2015 for CASHEW NUTS WITH ECO FRIENDLY KOLAPATH PACK at the Asia Packaging Federation award ceremony held in Turkey recently, Over 15 countries participated for the event.

W 180/210 are special sizes and were developed by rich land and selective breeding in Sri Lanka. Any other reasons?

Sri Lanka is in number one for several Products. Cashew is one of that (Cinnamon and other spices too, Tea, Rubber, Gems are other’s ….)
Yes, "Jambo" sizes cashews were developed by rich soil & water (not administrated any fertilizer or pesticides), Preferable climate and selective breeds with indigenous genome in SL.
Several agronomic recommendations were developed for cashew cultivation and have been introduced to farmers.
In SL Cashews' Nut size is larger than others. flavor profile is rich in plummy taste and odor. This only gives this rich aroma, taste and all the Health aspects what we expect.

What are Royal's superior points when comparing with other companies? (ISO, HACCP, high-graded facility, policy etc…)

We are the first company in Sri Lanka to obtain ISO standards for Cashew industry, With Quality standards like ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, GMP, HALAAL

Use only food graded raw material and packing materials.

This processing and Packaging of cashews carry out 100% by machineries (No human Touch) under ISO 22000 certified roofs and handled by staff, well trained for ISO HACCP and GMP standards and therefore hygienically guaranteed.

We have been manufacturing and Exporting Royal Cashew Products for nearly 15 years.

The company has much experience in Cashew Nut Processing industry and Packaging Industry as it is led by professional with special advice and close relationship with Sri Lanka cashew Corporation, Export Development Board and by being member of Food Processors Association, Packaging Institute and by being a founder member of Institute of Food Science and Technology Sri Lanka.

This product “ROYAL CASHEW” in dehydrated form and in many flavors ( with 14 types flavors)

Also these cashew products are available at all domestic leading supermarkets and most of leading Hotels, Sports Clubs, Restaurants & Pubs, Cinema and Catering Services.

We had experienced by participated following international Programme : MIFB 2004 Malaysia, Seoul International Consumer Fair 2005, ITC Meeting Bangkok 2006, Anuga 2007, Foodex Japans 2008, Foodex Japan 2009, Anuga 2009, Gulf Food 2010, Roasted seed and Nuts Exhibition China 2013.

The Products have conquered the Sri Lankan market and now aiming at developing overseas markets with our finest range cashew products.  Current exporting countries include Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Norway, India, Sweden,Australia, UK and USA.