Lanka Star 2014

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We have been conferred by the LANKA STAR GOLD Award for CASHEW NUTS WITH ECO FRIENDLY KOLAPATH PACKS - OVAL, CASHEW NUTS WITH ECO FRIENDLY KOLAPATH PACKS  - SQUARE  at the  Lanka Star 2014  which have been instituted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging  aiming  at stimulating interest in improving packaging standards in Sri Lanka and recognize them in  Asia & in the World and reward for the best Packages. This Also provides opportunity to recognize Packages that have created innovative and enhanced value addition and enable to recognize the Excellence achieved by the Packaging businesses.

We were able to be awarded by the Lanka Star 14 PRESIDENT s Trophy For the Cashew Nuts with ECO Friendly  PACKS which was obtained the highest marks from all Contester countries.

This Cashew Nuts with Eco Friendly Kolapath packs are Environmentally  Friendly and Biodegradable, Innovative Pack with a tray made from the sheath at the base of the Arecanut palm leaf ( KOLAPATH ) and covered with a  biodegradable coated film with a protective barrier properties.