Royal Cashews have been certified with ISO 14001:20015 Environmental Management System Certification -2019

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Environmental Policy

Green Way Asia Lanka(Pvt) Ltd is thelargest cashew processor and exporter in Sri Lanka with wide range of value added high quality cashew products. Being an organization, which manufactures products from natural origin, we are truly committed to protect our environment and contribute to regroup the nature.

Over the 18 years, using modern technology with approved standards procedures, Innovative product series and superior customer service, we have conquered the Sri Lankan market and now aiming at developing overseas markets with our finest range of cashew products.

We are committed to meet the compliance obligations related to environment as well as to continually improve the environmental performance with the utmost commitment and dedication of the top management and all the employees.

We shall develop a dedicated organizational culture to achieve the environmental objectives of our company by improving sustainable resource use, minimizing waste and promoting eco friendly packaging material which can minimize environment pollution.