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Online Payment of Sid Mr


  • Origin:Sri Lanka
  • Type:Standard/Average
  • Taste:Dehydrated
  • When to Eat:Any time of day
  • When to Use:Cooking, Catering
  • Available in:Bulk Packs
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Semi Metalized

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  • Unit Price Out of Stock!
  • Unit Weight 2Kg

  • Quantity Packs

  • Total Quantity Out of Stock!
  • Total Price LKR 0.00
  • Total Weight 0g

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  • Condition New and Fresh.
  • Availability Processed and packed for the order.
  • Appearance Appearance on the web may be slightly differant from the shipped product.
  • Flavor Dehydrated
  • Packaging Semi Metalized
  • Product Cashew
  • Shipping Shipping charges are added according to the total weight of the purchased goods at the check-out time.
  • Delivery Within 2 from working days of purchase
  • Payments Payments
  • Returns Returns are not accepted for food items and custom orders.
  • Guarantee ROYAL CASHEW GUARANTEE, for manufacturing defects.
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