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Royal Cashews Group Triumphs with Double Gold at NCE National Export Awards

Empowering Local Cultivators and Conquering Global Markets

In a resounding victory that echoes its commitment to ethical trading and export excellence, Royal Cashews, the Sri Lankan stalwart in cashew processing and exports, clinched two prestigious awards at the 29th National Export Awards Ceremony organized by the National Chamber of Exporters (NCE). The company proudly received the Best Ethically Trading Exporter 2021 NCE Challenge Trophy – a Special Award, and the NCE Exports Gold Award for the Fresh and Processed Agricultural Export Crops Sector.

A Beacon of Ethical Trading

The Best Ethically Trading Exporter award is a testament to Royal Cashews’ dedication to ethical business practices and virtuous conduct in the export sector. This accolade cements the company’s reputation as a beacon of ethical trading, setting it apart in the industry.

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ruwan Wathugala, Managing Director of Royal Cashews

Q: What sets Royal Cashews apart?

Dr. Wathugala emphasizes that beyond the recent accolades, Royal Cashews had an outstanding year in 2021, securing awards such as the “Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 National Gold Award.” The recent Best Ethically Trading Exporter of the Year and NCE Export Gold Award further underscore the company’s commitment to excellence.

Q: Why did Royal Cashews receive the National Export Gold Award?

According to Dr. Wathugala, the Gold Award recognizes Royal Cashews as the sole cashew processing company in Sri Lanka with critical certifications like ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, and GMP. The company’s relentless pursuit of producing high-quality cashew products with scientifically enhanced flavors for the international market played a pivotal role in securing this prestigious award.

Q: How has Royal Cashews conquered local and international markets?

Royal Cashews has successfully penetrated international markets, including Malaysia, Japan, America, Switzerland, and Britain. Driven by a commitment to quality, the brand’s extensive sales outlet network in Sri Lanka, boasting 20 showrooms across strategic locations, ensures the availability of hygienically processed cashew products for both local and global consumers.

Q: What special facilities are provided to customers?

Introducing a Cashew Online Delivery System, Royal Cashews offers free delivery to any point in Sri Lanka. This service allows customers to purchase the company’s diverse array of cashew products in 19 flavors, available in 682 different packagings and gift packs, all with special discounts.

Q: What are Royal Cashews’ future plans?

Dr. Wathugala envisions a future where the company increases production by directly engaging with cultivators. By strengthening the economic contributions of cultivators to both personal and national fronts, Royal Cashews aims to bring in more foreign revenue and invites cultivators to join hands for mutual growth.

As Royal Cashews continues its journey of excellence, these awards serve as a testament to its unwavering dedication to ethical practices, export excellence, and the promotion of Sri Lankan cashews on the global stage. Cultivators interested in joining this success story can find more information on the company’s website ( or Facebook page. The future shines bright for Royal Cashews as it paves the way for ethical trading and sustainable growth on a global scale.