Awards & Certification

Title: Royal Cashews: Leading the Way in Green Cashew Processing April – 2019

In the bustling heart of Sri Lanka’s cashew industry stands Royal Cashews, the trailblazing cashew processing company that continues to set new standards in environmental management and product excellence. Recently, the company achieved a remarkable milestone by being awarded the prestigious ISO 14001:2015 EMS certification, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable practices.

The international certification, presented by The Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), acknowledges Royal Cashews’ dedication to methodical environmental management processes. This achievement underscores the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of its operations.

Chairman and Managing Director of Royal Food Marketing Company, Dr. Ruwan Wathugala, expressed his pride in the company’s latest accomplishment. He emphasized that Royal Cashews is not just a cashew processing company but a beacon of green-oriented business practices, employing world-class technology to manufacture and process its products.

Dr. Wathugala highlighted Royal Cashews’ unique position as the only company in Sri Lanka to hold ISO 14001:2015 EMS certification along with ISO 22000, HACCP, and GMP standard certifications. This comprehensive suite of certifications underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

With 20 outlets across the island, Royal Cashews boasts the largest network for selling cashew products in Sri Lanka. These outlets offer a diverse range of hygienically processed cashew products, meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology to ensure freshness and flavor.

In a bid to enhance customer convenience, Royal Cashews recently introduced an online delivery system, allowing customers to order their favorite products from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered directly to their doorsteps.

But Royal Cashews’ impact extends far beyond the shores of Sri Lanka. Its products, available in a myriad of mouth-watering flavors, are exported to numerous countries including Malaysia, Japan, USA, UK, and Saudi Arabia, among others. The brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability has earned it recognition and accolades, including the Pro Food Awards, MACO Business Excellence Award, and ASIASTAR Award for Green Packaging.

Furthermore, Royal Food Marketing Company’s dedication to environmental stewardship extends to its subsidiaries, Greenway Asia Lanka and Trust Lanka Suppliers, reflecting a holistic approach to sustainable business practices.

As Royal Cashews continues to innovate and lead the way in green cashew processing, it serves as a shining example of how businesses can thrive while prioritizing environmental sustainability. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability, Royal Cashews is not just a company; it’s a symbol of responsible enterprise in an ever-evolving world.