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Title: Royal Cashews: Nurturing Sri Lanka’s Cashew Legacy

In the verdant landscapes of Sri Lanka, where cashew trees sway gently in the tropical breeze, Royal Cashews stands as a testament to the country’s rich agricultural heritage. Established in 1999 by Dr. Ruwa Wathugala, a visionary entrepreneur with a deep-rooted passion for his homeland’s cashew industry, Royal Cashews has blossomed into a leading producer and exporter of Ceylon cashew, captivating palates both locally and globally.

From its humble beginnings in Kirindiwita, Gampaha – renowned as one of Sri Lanka’s primary cashew processing regions – Royal Cashews has embarked on a remarkable journey, guided by a steadfast commitment to sustainability, quality, and community empowerment. Dr. Wathugala’s love affair with the creamy, milky flavor of cashew nuts spurred him to establish Royal Cashews, not merely as a business venture, but as a means to uplift local cultivators and showcase the unparalleled taste and versatility of Ceylon cashews to the world.

At the heart of Royal Cashews’ success lies its dedication to innovation and excellence in product offerings. From salted and roasted varieties to an array of tantalizing flavors such as barbeque, cheese and onion, and hot pepper, Royal Cashews’ products epitomize the epitome of flavor and quality. Beyond Sri Lanka’s shores, these delectable treats find their way to over 15 countries, including the US, the UK, Australia, and Japan, spreading the taste of Sri Lankan cashew far and wide.

As a true ambassador of Sri Lankan entrepreneurship, Dr. Wathugala has steered Royal Cashews to numerous accolades, including consecutive NCE Gold Awards for Fresh and Processed Food Exports and prestigious SLIP awards for packaging and product excellence. His visionary leadership and strategic acumen have earned him recognition as the Best Entrepreneur of the Year and recipient of multiple Gold Awards at the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year Award Ceremony.

Royal Cashews’ commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every aspect of its operations. With a fully automated end-to-end processing system and adherence to international standards such as ISO 22000, ISO 14001, HACCP, and GMP certifications, the company ensures the highest standards of hygiene and product integrity. Embracing cutting-edge technology, including nano-technology and color sorting, Royal Cashews maintains its position as the pioneer of cashew processing in Sri Lanka.

Beyond business success, Royal Cashews remains deeply rooted in its commitment to community development and environmental stewardship. Through initiatives aimed at empowering local farmers and small-scale producers, the company fosters knowledge-sharing, technological advancements, and fair business practices, ensuring a sustainable livelihood for all stakeholders. Moreover, as an eco-friendly enterprise, Royal Cashews prioritizes environmental conservation, minimizing its carbon footprint and championing responsible production practices.

With a renewed focus on enriching life’s moments through its products, Royal Cashews continues to redefine Sri Lanka’s cashew industry, one delectable bite at a time. As the brand embraces its mantra of “Moments Made Magical,” it invites consumers to savor the essence of Sri Lankan cashew and embark on a journey of culinary delight and discovery.

For those seeking the finest quality cashew products imbued with the essence of Sri Lanka’s lush landscapes, Royal Cashews remains the ultimate destination. With a commitment to authenticity, quality, and sustainability, Royal Cashews epitomizes the essence of Sri Lankan hospitality and heritage, encapsulating the magic of Ceylon cashew in every bite.

For inquiries and orders, contact Royal Cashews at 0702 218888 or via email at Visit their website at to explore their range of premium cashew products and experience the taste of Sri Lanka’s finest cashews firsthand.